Coffee and Catechesis

* Please note that due to the Church Hall renovations, "Coffee and Catechesis" will now begin January 21st! *

All PSR Parents are invited to come to the Church Hall Sunday mornings during PSR classes, to share in some Coffee and Catechesis.

What is “Coffee and Catechesis”?

  • An opportunity for our parents in the parish, especially parents of PSR students, to take time away from your busy lives for prayer and spiritual edification.
  • A good time to reflect on how you are finding God in your work, your family, and in your own spiritual lives.
  • Some of the things we will be doing during these sessions include: praying Lectio Divina; the Examen; meditating on the Scriptures; discussing important tenets of our Catholic Faith, (the Mass, the Papacy, the saints, reconciliation, etc.).


The Goal of “Coffee and Catechesis” is…

  • to rediscover your faith
  • to nourish your souls and minds as your children are receiving instruction in the faith
  • a time to build community and grow in friendship with one another


Coffee and Catechesis lead by Michael Horn, the Evangelization Coordinator for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, begins on Sunday, January 21st; we hope to see you there. Mark your calendars for the rest of the scheduled dates: February 18th, February 25th, and April 8th