From Our Pastor...

Dear Parishioners:

We are called to be Missionary Disciples to bring Christ to one

another. I encourage anyone who is interested or knows of someone interested in the Catholic Faith to please contact me at the parish. I also ask for your prayers for our all those who are preparing to enter the faith this year. Your solidarity with these men and women is a great source of support to them.

The Catechumenate is an extended period during which the candidates are given suitable pastoral formation and guidance, aimed at training them in the Christian life.

This is achieved in the following ways:

  • Suitable catechesis; solidly supported by celebrations of the Word.
  • The Catechumens and Candidates learning to:
    • Turn more readily to God in prayer
    • To bear witness to the Faith
    • In all things to keep their hopes set on Christ
    • To follow supernatural inspiration in their deeds
    • To practice the love of neighbour, even at the cost of self-renunciation

Our parish community has been blessed over the years with men and women who are journeying in the faith and preparing for reception into the Church at the Easter Vigil.

Please keep those women and men in your prayers as they begin their journey of faith in the Catholic Church.


Msgr. John Shamleffer

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Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Victims of sexual abuse, in addition to contacting civil authorities, are asked to come forward in order to receive pastoral assistance.

Reports of abuse may be made to any Pastor or to:
Sandra Price, Executive Director
Office of Child & Youth Protection
(314) 792-7271

Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division Hotline Reporting Number:


Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Adult Abuse and Neglect Hotline: