From Our Pastor...

Posted on February 09, 2023 in: Pastor


Jesus teaches through His Church that there is a close link between holiness and the Sacrament of God’s loving forgiveness. Many times because of fear, shame, or influences of the world telling us that we don’t need this Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession), we miss or underrate the importance of this Sacrament that is meant to be a Gift from God and fills us with God’s Mercy. We can so easily forget that the Sacrament of Confession opens the doors to participate in the feast of the Holy Eucharist and leads us into the holiness and grace that God wants to give us.

Some people say, “I don’t feel forgiven when I confess.” There is a theological formula in Latin that sounds complicated, but is really simple: the Sacraments act “ex opere operato.” If you translate it literally, the statement reads: “the Sacraments act with the work being done.” Crystal clear, isn’t it? In other words, if the Sacrament is performed correctly, it doesn’t fail. For the strength of the Sacrament does not derive from the mood or merit of the one doing it (that is, of the priest’s holiness or my own). They rely on God’s grace. Obviously, the better our inner disposition, the more we will be able to open our lives to that grace. Still, if done in good faith, even if you don’t feel it, you can be sure that you have been forgiven.

Other people think, “I am a good person. It’s not like I have committed murder or stolen anything. There is no need to go to confession.” This is often associated with the feeling of self-justification known as pride. If you suffer from this disease, no worries, the antidote is going to confession.

What about those who say, “God isn’t going to forgive me. My sins are too great!” It is true that God will not be able to forgive you if you continue to believe that God can’t. The Mercy of Jesus knocks on the door of our hearts, time after time, but Christ never forces the door open or knocks it down. God is infinitely merciful and wants to embrace every person with forgiveness. The truth is God never ever tires of forgiving us.” The problem is that we ourselves tire—we do not want to ask, we grow weary of asking for forgiveness. God never tires of Forgiving!

Lent is coming.