From Our Pastor...

Posted on June 13, 2024 in: Pastor

Dear Parishioners:

A blessed Father’s Day to all of our fathers: both those whom are living and those whom have gone before us in faith. Celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gives all of us an opportunity to give thanks for all the support, blessings and love our parents have shared with us. Fathers and mothers have that wonderful opportunity to continue God’s greatest gift, the gift of life; a life and love which both our God and our parents constantly share with us. A simple recognition of thanks is the best gift we can give our parents, a heartfelt appreciation for all they do for us. In a special way this Sunday both in word and at Mass, let us give thanks for the gift of our Fathers.

We are blessed as a Church to have as the patron of father’s St. Joseph, the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus. While there is no written word, in the scriptures, of Joseph speaking, much is written about how he responded to God’s call in his life and the utter care he gives to Jesus and Mary. From the birth of Jesus to the death of Joseph the actions of Joseph tell the story of a loving father and husband. Perhaps you can take some time this week to review in the scriptures the stories told of loving fathers and let all of us give thanks for those faith-filled and loving fathers in our lives.


Msgr. John Shamleffer

Please remember to return your donation for the ACA (Archdiocesan Annual Campaign). I would love to have a 100% participation even if you cannot give this year please return your cards to the parish. This collection helps the neediest in our Archdiocese, if you have any questions about this collection please contact me. Thank you.