A Brief History of Annunziata Parish


Times were good and many families were building homes in Ladue Village when Father Charleville Benoist Faris was named the founding pastor of Annunziata Parish in 1929. Property on which a spacious 1907 home was situated was purchased at Clayton and Cella Roads. The onset of the Depression eliminated all early hopes of a parish church. Fr. Faris moved into the house and converted the first floor library into a chapel, which served the spiritual needs of the parishioners for the next 24 years.

Plans to build Annunziata Church were announced in 1945, ground was broken in august 1950, and the beautiful adaptation of a Romanesque design was dedicated in 1953. Three years later, construction began on Annunziata School. After 34 years of dedicated service to his people and the community, Msgr. Faris went to his eternal reward in 1963.

Msgr. James R. Hartnett was then appointed the second pastor of Annunziata Parish. Msgr. Hartnett made many improvements in parish facilities and drew up plans for a new convent to house the Sisters of divine Providence who taught at Annunziata School. In 1973, the convent was converted to a rectory and parish office, and in 1979 the school was closed. under the 24 year leadership of Msgr. Hartnett, parishioners of Annunziata Parish were inspired to spearhead the Fleur-de-lis, Friends of Birthright, Vincent de Paul Society, and many other charitable archdiocesan projects.

When Msgr. Hartnett went into retirement in 1987, Msgr. Robert M. Krawinkel was appointed the third pastor to invite parishioners to continue the rich spiritual tradition of Annunziata.