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Happy Summer, Annunziata PSR Families! I am excited to be your new PSR Principal. My husband, Prakash, and I have been with the Parish for 12 happy years. We have two daughters in PSR and a son who was confirmed in 2017. We are so blessed to be a part of this beautiful church family.

Serving as PSR Principal is dear to me, as I truly believe that our number one responsibility as parents is to impart the Catholic faith to our children. In our faith we have the Bread of Eternal Life, so in giving the faith to our children, we give them everything. Annunziata PSR is here to support us in our parental mission by enhancing the faith formation that our children receive from us at home.

Getting Ready, Already?

Yes, summer break has only just begun, but plans for the 2018/19 school year are underway. We are so thankful to our returning, dedicated teachers and are happy to welcome some new teachers called by the Holy Spirit to join us in sharing the faith.

We are in need substitute teachers. It is a wonderful way to serve the Church. “Do not be afraid;” our teachers prepare a lesson plan for substitutes, so there is no “blind” teaching. It is an occasional service and is so helpful and appreciated. Please contact me at (314) 993-4422, ext. 209 or email me at, if you would like to help.

The PSR registration forms are posted here.
Please fill out and send the forms ASAP!!!
Your prompt response is most appreciated.

Note: 2nd grade and 8th grade families have some additional submission requirements.

Summer Is Different, Sort of

Routines have changed, some activities are finished, but others have just begun—sports intensify, games, recitals, camps, play dates, vacations, the list goes on…  Summer is just a different kind of crazy! We put pressures on ourselves: are the kids doing too much/too little? We compare ourselves to other families and decide that they’re doing it better… Our heads spin! This is not part of God’s plan!

Now, more than ever, we need to surrender to our Lord. As parents, we know that that is easier said than done. (Click here to see the “Just a Minute” post for some helpful ways to find strength.) 

Quality Time

My husband and I (the kids, too) agree that Mass is the most joyful time we spend together each week. It seems strange, because we’re not facing one another, conversing, eating or learning. But, wait…

At Mass, the Holy Spirit, the eternal love between the Father and the Son, makes it possible for us to partake in Christ fully and thus know God intimately. The mystery of this triune God is a reflection of the family and so through God’s love we do see one another. At Mass, the Liturgies of the Word and the Eucharist become the conversation, the meal, and the lesson. As one body (the Church) we absorb the Lord’s perfect plan for our lives and learn to trust it. There is no greater joy than surrendering to this.

The Parent Cruise

We’re all in the same boat and understand the unique challenges of raising kids in our community and culture. It’s quite a journey! Jesus taught us to love one another as he loves us. It is refreshing to know that as a church family we can suspend judgment and find joy in supporting one another. Let’s pray for each other this summer that we may trust in and surrender to God’s perfect plan for us. Blessings for a safe and fun summer break.

In Christ’s Love,
Laura Gyawali
PSR Principal 

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