Blessing Bags

A great idea from the members of your st. Vincent de paul society

Have you ever been at an intersection or an exit ramp where you see someone with a hand painted sign asking for help?  Most of us have mixed thoughts about how to react.  We have often been warned not to give money for any number of reasons.  We also feel selfish if we ignore a fellow human being.

You might want to consider Blessing Bags, an idea that was introduced by a member of our St. Vincent dePaul Society.  Blessing Bags are plastic zip-lock bags to keep in your car.  They can contain some foods, such as cheese and cracker packets; a bottle of water; a couple of band aids; tissue packets; a box of raisins, maybe some soap or hand sanitizer or whatever you would like to put in your bag.  There is no wrong way to make a blessing bag!  Here are some pictures used by one family.

We share this idea and would like to know if you decide to make your own Blessing Bags!