Continuing the Journey

Hello Eighth Grade Parents,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well in these unprecedented times. The order to stay home takes us out of our regular schedules and forces us to spend time at home with our families. Now more than ever we rely on our faith. There is something of a gift in slowing down, as the time together offers the opportunity to grow faith and in love with one another.

The REAP Retreat scheduled for Saturday, April 25 has been canceled until further notice. Our Confirmation date is tentative. We will know more after direction from the Archdiocese and will be in contact with you. While home, students should continue with their Confirmation Workbook assignments. With a few adjustments, most of the assignments are doable even though we are not meeting for class the next several weeks. All of the Confirmation materials are here on the Annunziata website, as well as links to supplemental resources that will help you complete assignments such as, daily Mass, Rosary, and Faith Enrichment sites (see Supplemental Resource link above).

Some considerations:

  1. With Mass suspended, students may watch online Mass to complete their Mass reflections (assignment #10). This will not be difficult as Mass is said everyday and can be watched at a time and place that is convenient for the student. If the student watches with another individual the time can double with Faith Enrichment (assignment #8, I). Watching Sunday Mass in your p.j.s as a family is a wonderful plan.
  2. Consider praying the Rosary (assignment 5, II) as a family--again time together counts toward Faith Enrichment.
  3. Hopefully we will meet in class before Confirmation and can work on your Letter to the Bishop (assignment #4) together, so leave no need to work on that assignment.
  4. We will not be able to give students the materials for creating their Confirmation Shield (assignment #11), so no need to work on that.

As Catholics it’ s good practice to take some time everyday to spend with Jesus. Here we are stuck at home during Lent, this provides us with the perfect opportunity to grow in faith with little distraction. God bless you on your journey.

Supplemental Resources

The Stations of the Cross on YouTube

The Catholic Crusade on YouTube (Rosary, Litanies, Novenas and Prayers)

Ascension Presents on YouTube (Catholic answers to the questions of today’s youth)

Decision Point with Matthew Kelly on YouTube (supplemental videos for PSR classroom textbooks)

Daily Mass with Bishop Barron

Daily Mass

Go to YouTube and type in Daily Mass--you will find many choices