From Our Pastor...

Posted on January 27, 2023 in: Pastor


During this year’s Catholic Schools Week, I would like to focus our attention on our excellent Parish School of Religion and our incredible Annunziata Learning Center.

The religious education and formation of our children is the God given privilege and responsibility of our loving and faith-filled Mothers and Fathers. As pastor, I want to do everything possible to assist Parents with this privilege and sacred trust. Our Parish School of Religion, with Principal, Mrs. Laura Gyawali, and dedicated Teachers and Volunteers, is one of the greatest blessings the Parish can offer Parents on their children’s journey to becoming an active, practicing member of their Catholic Faith.

With the beginning of this new semester, we as a parish want to express our appreciation for the dedication, preparation, and commitment of all those involved with Annunziata’s P.S.R.


For three and a half decades our Parish has committed the resources of our Parish to Catholic Special Education. The results of the Annunziata Learning center are truly miraculous! Ms. Gerre Book, the Principal, who has dedicated her life to these children, and has been with the Learning Center from the beginning, writes:

Dear Parishioners of Annunziata,

With the celebration of Catholic Schools Week, we would like to take this opportunity to express the sincere gratitude of the students, staff, and parents of Annunziata School. We appreciate all that you do for our school. Your commitment to the Catholic education of children who learn differently is truly commendable. With your support, we are able to spread the joy of Christ to many children. Annunziata School truly is a school family because of the wonderful children and staff who are here every day. Thanks to all the parishioners for helping to make Annunziata School a special place for the students and their families.