From Our Pastor...

Posted on November 03, 2023 in: Pastor

Dear Parishioners:

The month of November is a time of prayer, remembrance and thanksgiving for our God and all the blessings He has sent into our lives.

In The Practice of the Presence of God written by Brother Lawrence, he presents a simple but powerful concept that God is always there. Right beside us. Every day, all day. Every night, all night. Never leaving us. Never turning away from us, even when He ought to. Even when we behave in a manner so completely unlovable, so callously hurtful towards He who is love, still He never leaves our side and never loves us less.

I believe we oftentimes think of God in terms of someone we have to make a special point to call, like a long-distance friend, of sorts. It's far too easy to not be mindful of His presence and to find ourselves acting, speaking or thinking in ways that are very contrary to His.

With our minds and our attention being pulled in a thousand different directions in today's modern world, it is harder than ever to stay focused; especially to stay focused on what is ultimately the most important thing...God. Did I pay the electric bill? I cannot forget to stop by the grocery store. I have to get the kids off to school. I am afraid I will not meet that deadline at work. Am I going to be able to make the mortgage payment this month? Where are my keys? The phone is ringing again. Someone is at the door. I'm running late for my doctor's appointment.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

We need quiet time and when we feel that we do not have time for quiet time, which is when we need quiet time the most. We must make time in our day for God. We need to build our day around God, rather than fitting God into our day.

Were we to be more mindful of the reality that His presence is one thing that we can always count on, we would have a much easier (and much happier) time, living out our days on this earth, I do believe.

God Bless,

Msgr. John Shamleffer