Dear Annunziata Parishioners,

Posted on March 24, 2020 in: COVID-19 Updates

Tomorrow, March 25, is our Parish Feastday! Catholics and many Christians are celebrating the Annunciation, the day Gabriel visited Our Lady and thus the feast of the Lord becoming flesh within the womb of the Virgin Mary.

Pope Francis has invited all Christians around the globe to unite on March 25th at noon to pray the Our Father together - so that as the entire world is suffering from the pandemic, so the Lord might hear all of Christendom united in prayer.

In order to honor Our Blessed Mother, please pray the Rosary as a family, for God’s protection for all our Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals, EMTs, Police Officers, and Firefighters. Through the intercession of Mary, we pray for those who have the virus, those who have been exposed, that God grant them healing.

At daily private Mass, you and your Families are prayed for!

God Protect You,
Father John Leykam