Dear Annunziata Parishioners,

Posted on March 26, 2020 in: COVID-19 Updates

Tomorrow, Friday, March 27th, Pope Francis invites everyone around the world to join in prayer for deliverance from this coronavirus. Yes, frequently washing your hands, shelter in place, and social distancing of at least 6 feet is critically important. More important, we need to PRAY daily for those who are sick, those who have been exposed, for all our Doctors, Nurses, Health Care givers, for all those also on the front lines such as our police, fire-fighters, EMTs, those who are providing food, and so many essential services.

Beginning at Noon, St. Louis time, the Holy Father will lead the prayer service and conclude with the “Urbi et Orbi Blessing” (Blessing to the City of Rome and to the World”). All who receive this Blessing in the state of Grace are granted a plenary indulgence. (Simply go to your search engine “Pope Francis Urbi et Orbi Blessing” or refer to EWTN. In addition, if there are children in your home, you might have them do a search for the meaning of a plenary indulgence, a teachable moment to better understand the gift of their Catholic Faith.)

Grateful for You,
Father John Leykam