From Our Pastor . . . .

Posted on April 01, 2022 in: Pastor


Your Parish of Annunziata offers a special opportunity to grow closer to God in Lent each year.  The annual Lenten Parish Mission is led this year by Father Charles Samson, a great Diocesan Priest who brings a wealth of insight, knowledge, and holiness.  Perhaps you have read his book on the Holy Land, or heard him speak in any number of forums throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis.


It has been said that when you have someone special or something special in your life, it is a temptation to take that person or that gift for granted.  As Catholics we believe that by Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection He defeated sin and death, and that on the night of the Resurrection He gave His Church the great Sacrament of loving forgiveness and Divine Mercy.  If you have ever made a good confession then you know the truth:  God forgives your sins, gives you inner peace, joy, relief, and love that you never expected!  God welcomes you always—no matter if you forgot how to receive the Sacrament, no matter how long it has been, Jesus says, “Be not afraid” Come, talk to Christ heart to heart!  Come, in this anonymous setting, and lay everything at the foot of the Cross.  Confessions are heard at the following dates and times:

Sunday, April 3rd, after all the Masses (two priests)

Tuesday, Apr 5th, after the Mission Mass (about 8 p.m. — 4 priests)

Saturday,Apr 9th, 3:30 to 4:45 p.m.

Sunday, Apr 10th, after all the Masses

Wednesday, Apr 13th, from 5p.m. to  7:00 p.m.

GOOD FRIDAY, Apr 15— after Noon Stations of the Cross & after the 7 p.m. Good Friday Service


THANK YOU to all who have filled out the anonymous survey, sharing your thoughts, reflecting on your spiritual growth, and our parish’s strengths and opportunities.  The  expression of your attitudes and beliefs, your relationship to your parish, your satisfaction, participation, and the demographics will help us in formulating the Strategic Plan for the Archdiocese..  If you have not filled out the survey as of today, it is still not too late.  You have until midnight, Monday, April 4th to go online to our parish website, or fill out a paper copy of the survey being handed out at Church this Sunday morning, or use the QR code.